Kainatt Enterprises combines state of the art technology with unremitting dedication towards our clients. The Sir Aga Khan Jhirk Mullah Katiyar Bridge project is a shining example of how quality and talent merged together looks like. Our qualified engineers and designers ceaselessly work towards maintaining high standards of every project which comes our way.

Construction Manager/General Contractor

Kainatt Enterprises has the ability to serve your needs for Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) projects.  Our qualified staff has the expertise to deliver your project using this innovative project delivery method bringing accelerated construction schedules and enhanced design through communication, collaboration, construction engineering knowledge as well as industry best practices.  Kainatt is committed to provide you with a professional management team that will facilitate making your next project a complete success.  Our dedicated, experienced management staff will foster and coordinate Value Engineering Analysis, Constructability Reviews, Identify/manage/mitigate Risk, Estimating/ Budget analysis as well as Monitoring and Coordinating Construction Activities.

Design & Build

Design and Build is one of the much strength of Kainatt Enterprises and we are viewed as a leader in the heavy highway and infrastructure design-build delivery industry. Kainatt has developed significant relationships with clients, engineering firms and other contractors to address design and constructability issues, allowing all parties to enjoy the benefits from the design build process.

Kainatt has the ability to lead a design build team or to develop a joint venture with quality-minded contractors of various disciplines of construction work which we do not self-perform. By joint venturing with Kainatt we expand our infrastructure expertise into new markets, increase operating capacity, and gain from added resources and shared risk.

Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance is a continuous process. It is critical for the longevity of our roads and buildings. We, maintain a policy of ‘continuous improvement’. With constant wear and tear, performance tends to decline and the foundation of every project weakens.


Patching, sealing of surface cracks Repair of concrete pavement joints Repair of paving blocks and slabs cleaning and maintaining tunnels, bridges, culverts

Periodic Maintenance

Pavement strengthening including overlays and recycling works Preventive maintenance works including mill and pave, resurfacing and all other associated works Repair and replacement of damaged/missing road furniture and signboards.

Enhanced Data Collection

Information such as vehicle type, vehicle count of the day, date, time etc., is obtained by deploying ETTM