Construction of Service Roads on both sides of Truck stand Maripur Road

Client: Works & services Group of Offices, CDGK.
Amount of work: Rs.121,004,676
Revised amount Rs.432,073,740
Location Karachi
Year at start Feb, 2008
Year of Completion: August, 2008

Project Background:

New truck Stand on hawksbay road was established few years back but proper infrastructure was not provided. The condition of existing road was very poor and no service road was existing there resulting that the vehicles containing big container were being parked on main road . The Hawksbay road was completely blocked by these long vehicles. After completion of this road widening and construction of service r road the traffic problem has been solved.



Project Scope
Construction of Culverts
Construction of RCC storm Water Drain
Preparation of Embankment
Construction of Road
Carpeting of Road
Laying of Water Supply line along Road side
Laying of Sewage line along Road side