KAINATT ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD is one of the leading and emerging construction companies practicing and providing civil engineering services throughout the country. We specialize in particular services, mainly Highways and Bridges construction. Speaking of our major infrastructure development projects, such as buildings and houses, we are also carrying out various water supply and sewerage projects.

KAINATT was established in 1996 under the leadership of Mr. Churchill Shafquat. Since then, it has been rising slowly and steadily because of our quality-oriented service. Our company foundation is built on a strong commitment to quality, safety, innovation, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. We are paving our way into both small and huge commercial projects. Our experience and expertise assists us in delivery peerless results; timely and effectively.

We are registered under Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in C-B category. However, our case is under process with PEC for enhancement of category from C-1 to C-A from the year 2017. We have specialization in the fields of BC-01, BC-02, CE-01, CE-02, CE-04, CE-09, CE-10, EE-04, EE-06, ME-02, ME-04 and ME-06 as per Pakistan Engineering Council procedures.

Moreover, we are registered under different departments as a Contractor/Construction Company, of which the main departments are Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), Lyari Development Authority (LDA), Malir Development Authority (MDA), Works and Services Department and Health Department, Government of Sindh. We also have deals regarding the Public Private Partnership Mode with Finance Department of Government of Sindh for the execution of following projects i.e. Sir Aga Khan Jhirk Mullah Katiyar Bridge over River Indus connecting Jhirk with Mullah Katiyar, District Tando Mohammad Khan along with 17KM’s approach roads on Public Private Partnership basis for Rs. 3674 Millions.

As far as the quality of our service and product is concerned, our clients are satisfied with supreme quality and timely completion of projects. We have been focusing on high standard quality, considering top consultants, and working accordingly as per the clients requirement. We focus on providing the best quality of work even if the quantity of work isn’t on a huge scale. For the execution of each project, there is no difference in our standard quality.

Our highly skilled staff of contractors, engineers, planners, supervisors, material suppliers, employees, and our labor force maintains the quality standards for the supervision and execution of each project. We have worked with reputable engineering consulting firms for the supervision and designing of our projects such as;

M/s. Engineering Associates

M/s. Loya Associates

M/s. AA Associates

M/s. Usmani Consultants

M/s. NAA Consultants

In addition to engineering consultants, we have also worked with reputable financial consultants for the preparation of financial proposals for our projects, such as Sir Aga khan Jhirk Mullah Katiyar Bridge Project. M/s. Ernest and Young were our financial advisors for preparing financial module of the project and also M/s. Fergusons, our financial advisor for disbursement of our bills etc.

Kainatt Enterprises has been acknowledged as a supportive enterprise in the participation of national construction projects in Pakistan and contributing to the country’s infrastructural development.