Construction of Flyover at Banaras Chowk

Client: Works & services Group of Offices, CDGK.
Amount of work: Rs.747,984,095
Revised amount Rs.920,955,000
Location Karachi
Year at start August, 2009
Year of Completion: Feb , 2010

Project Background:

This Project is constructed at banaras Chock. it is junction of three towns’ i.e SITE town, North nazimabad and orangi town. Trafic at Banaras chock always remained chocked before construction of flyover resulting in wastage of fuel,time & energy. After completion of flyover, there is no traffic congestion .the project has been completed as per schedule.

Project Scope
Erecting of piles & pile Caps
Construction of Pier Shafts
Construction of Transforms
Construction of Girders
Construction of Retaining Walls and Ramps
Erecting of Electric Poles & Lights